Ill Advised

by No Matter

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released November 18, 2016


all rights reserved



No Matter Belfast, UK

No Matter is a Belfast based quartet playing fast-paced male/female fronted pop punk. Come listen and leave abuse.

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Track Name: Migraine
I woke up today with a frown on my face
And then I remembered my free fall from grace
The fight that we had's going round in my brain
The argument we had, and I am to blame

The things that you said seemed to injure my head
The things that you say always give me a migraine
And over-the-shelf tablets don't seem to help
I got pain in my head today

I lay down that night with no sleep in sight
Had a panic attack when I turned out the light
Beta blockers, painkillers pacify me
Yet my demons still come out to play

I got a headache today
I got a headache
Track Name: Tinnitus
I got a funny feeling ringing in my ear
Abusing my eardrums, year after loud year
A terrible price that must be paid
I better go and get a hearing aid
Looks like I now must lie in this bed I've made

I got tinnitus
Please speak up

Every single day I hear the same old tone
Invading my cranium, leave me alone
Television blaring at full blast
Should have took a lesson from my past
Thoughts amiss, looks like this is going to last

I got tinnitus
Please speak up
Track Name: El Bait
I got a recipe for typical catastrophe so don't you fucking look at me or you'll bleed
Because it's harder to walk away without your teeth, without a say, so save it for another day and you'll burn.

El bait, el bait
It's poison.

Legend shows that this beholds a cliché of a tale untold of people who say they've seen better days
We had a chance to live in bliss, a shame that it turned out like this, why do all my routines have to grow so old?
Track Name: Retch
Sit back, watch me wilt, stick it in til the hilt
Don't worry, don't mind me
A lost unique stare, fucked beyond compare
Got used to misery

Kicked to the street, too drunk to find my feet
Routine broke again
Rotten to the core, back aching from the floor
Daily grind, my friend

Nothing goes well
When you're living in Hell's familiar trashy streets
Is it far fetched, maybe a stretch,
That it makes me want to retch?
I'm burning.

Take it from this prodigal son
Don't entertain your thoughts
With notions that you're something I lack
When nothing could be more false

Take it somewhere else
To your lies I won't adhere
Your words reek of sin
Vomit foul conjecture in someone else's ear
Mine are at the brim

It makes me want to retch.
Track Name: King K-Hole
Regrets and punks, addicted minds
Another excuse, another waste of time
Heart's in heaven, mind's in hell
No signs of hope in a prison cell
When we first met, I'll never forget
The shit we burned with no regret
I hope you're smiling, I hope your free
The past is gone but means a lot to me

Everybody hail, King K Hole
A world of darkness, King K Hole

Forget the doubts, try not to cry
Avoid the relapse before we die
A bitter notion across the street
Burning bridges will burn your feet
The heart's all gone as the day ends
The mistakes of a forever friend
Let's just pretend it's gonna be okay
Because I live for yesterday

Even the best will fall, King K Hole
When they can't see tomorrow, King K Hole
Track Name: Shooting Star
Crash out and burn, a trail of consequence
Remnants stream behind the course of the events
Entering my atmosphere, gain velocity
Everything in my life's fucking burning up on entry

There for a second, came along this far
Blink and you'll miss me, like a shooting star

Turn up your head, you will see me there
Coming down to Earth in fire and despair
A blazing trail of fire that never makes a sound
I'll never make it anyway, I'll never hit the ground

Burning up, burning up
My soul's on fire
Track Name: Broken Compass
Another instance when my sad old pen's
Tired of scratching the same old words
When spleen venting and lamenting
Begins to sound absurd

Another way to describe a day
That drags on by so slow
But yet so fast, if it just won't last
I guess I'll never know

Will this circle ever stop?
Does it rely on circumstance?
(We'll advance if we get the chance)

So I check the map as the road winds on
But my compass is broken, direction wrong
I find it's a tell tale sign that I've been here for too long

So I go on, write another song
Of complacent acquiesce of my own accord
With the same three chords
I've come to know the best

But the worst progress as the rest digress
And take their place in line
With a hateful grin, as they all fall in
They do it every time
Track Name: What a Waste
Trivialising, trying to save face
Getting older, giving up, embracing middle age
In the post, fair warning from the start
Can't shield you from the horrors of when life becomes a farce

I took my glory days and pissed them up a wall
I never had the time to prepare for a fall
This turn of events is so bitter to the taste
As I sit back and look back
Just to consider it a waste

Raking through the embers of the past
To find the answer to a question that I'm too afraid to ask
Disregard, and keep your chin up high
Bass, guitar and drums will help me kiss it all goodbye

I'm never giving up
Fuck no, I'm never giving up
Track Name: Stuck in a Spot
And now I'm knowing the fear is showing
The feeling of discontent keeps on growing
And this unshapely trend's growing greatly
And I haven't felt much like myself lately

'Cause I'm stuck in a spot to rot,
Just like a traffic jam
And you're at the wheel
And there's nothing in the jerry can

I'm getting lower. Won't you pull over?
I'm feeling the symptoms of being sober
A petrol station of inebriation
To medicate these feelings of frustration

'Cause I'm stuck in a spot to rot,
Just like a traffic jam
And you're at the wheel
And there's nothing in the jerry can

To hell with yourself
'Cause I'm just being who I am
It hasn't worked so far
But I'll do what I can

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