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by No Matter

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released March 1, 2011


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No Matter Belfast, UK

No Matter is a Belfast based quartet playing fast-paced male/female fronted pop punk. Come listen and leave abuse.

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Track Name: Cheapshot
Another cheap shot, another tasteless joke at ourselves.
Another way just to escape reality of today,
Escape responsibility, who needs it anyway?

So why can't we all just forget?
I am trying to but you are stuck inside my head
So why is this all just a joke?
Can't be bothered thinking or filling my lungs with smoke

Another fuck up, another way to pass the useless days,
Another way to let you know that I'm in love with you.
Another evening wishing I was lying next to you.
Track Name: Gotta Go
Life repeating round in...
Circles underneath my...
Eyes that gleam so bright and...
Blinding me, like you my lies

Come lift me straight out of gloom,
Suck back wine in hotel rooms,
Picture perfect, play that tune one more time

Gotta go, gotta get away from here

Driving round in empty...
Spaces seem so far and...
Wide like me, so self deflating,
Too much bullshit to abide.
Track Name: Were-Spide
Split personality, really can't explain
Internal culture shock perhaps to blame
Can't understand the goings-on inside his brain
Guess we can assume he's under strain.

Sometimes blur of leather, mohawk spikes
Sometimes blur of tracksuits, caps and Nikes

He's a werespide
Tartan trousers at the punk show
Trackie bottoms in the club
He's a werespide
Without a doubt, he's the most confused individual in the pub

Check out the ipod, Conflict and Ramones
Subhumans, Crass and Broken Bones
If he's in another mind, on his ipod you will find
Ibiza's Greatest Hits 2009

Checking out surroundings for the songs that he should sing,
Swapping out the tunnels for a gold earring.
It's anybody's guess as to his current state of dress.
Identity crisis.

He's a werespide.

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